Looking For  Contact
A couple to make up a 6 man team for Friday night Mixed. Contact John at 250 307-7777 or Craig at 250 558-7777. June Kerr
250 260-4112

Looking for stick curlers who are willing to spare in the Wednesday morning Stick League. We currently have 24 teams ( 48 curlers ) so each week we will need a spare for various reasons. 2 games played each Wednesday each 1 hour long. Early morning draws are 9 and 10 am. Late morning draws are 11am and 12pm. Please contact Phil Culbert for more info. 250-542-4834 or philculbert@shaw.ca  Phil Culbert

I need a third for Friday night mix. Female. Game time 6:30pm contact me Danny Loo 250 545 5528 email: heybehappy@shaw.ca Danny Loo
250 545 5528