Membership Information


The first mention of curling in the Vernon area dates back to 1893 when curling was played on the frozen river in Enderby- “the grand ole Scottish Game was played with as near perfection as could be with blocks of wood instead of stones”. You can read more Club History under the ‘Our History’ tab found on the club’s home page, under ‘About Us’

As a playing member, your membership includes:

  • League Play: is allowed in any league(s) for which you have paid your membership.
  • Sparing: Register as a spare and you can spare in any league, for which you are eligible, as often as you like, as long as the teams you are sparing for are made up of four paid members. Feel free to add your name to the Spare List in any Leagues that interest you. The Spare Lists are located under each League’s name on the Curling tab on the club’s Home Page. Alternatively, any paid member of a club league can spare in any other club league.
  • Practice Ice: is subject to availability and we do the best we can to post availability on our home page. Typically Tuesday through Fridays 11am to 1 p.m. and on some Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons.
  • Rules of Play: are those of the Canadian Curling Association and CurlBC. Please be ready to start your game on time.
  • Cancelled games: can happen, but you must inform your opposition as soon as possible as well as the office as games and ice can be re-scheduled as necessary.



  • Accessibility: is available at the VCC. There is an elevator located across from the entrance to the ladies washroom. A key is required. Wheelchair accessible washrooms are located on the ground floor.

Club Governance:

  • Decision making: at the VCC is a member driven organization with an elected, volunteer Board of Directors answerable to the membership. We are always looking for new Directors. If you have time to offer, please come forward.
  • Member Input: is welcomed from all curling members in good standing. An Annual General Meeting is held in September of every year. Board of Directors are voted in at this meeting.

Curling Rink:

  • Access to the ice arena: is behind sheet 2 and by sheet 6. There are fire exits at the scoreboard end of the arena and at the home end of sheet 8.
  • Bonspiel Information: Our local spiels are advertised throughout the club, and sign-up is in the BIG YELLOW BINDER marked ‘BONSPIELS’ typically located at the bar or in the office. Information for out-of-club bonspiels can be found in the CurlBC Yearbook as well as on the Bonspiel bulletin board.
  • Clean footwear: must be worn at all times in the ice area, and as much as possible, in all areas leading to the ice area. Please refrain from stepping outdoors in your curling shoes. Please make a concerted effort to keep your shoes clean and free of debris.
  • Instruction: is available at the start of the year in our clinics, or by coming to either the Saturday evening drop-in or Sunday afternoon ‘family league’. In addition, the manager will help with instruction, just ask.
  • On-ice drinking water: is available in two water machines located on the near end boards behind sheets 2 and 7.
  • View Curling: in one of two viewing areas; one on the main floor and one on the second floor. There are TV monitors that can be set to channels that show the near or the far end of any sheet.
  • What sheet do I curl on? League posters, located on the bulletin boards in the main viewing area, will indicate game schedules and ice allocation.

 Food & Beverage:

  • Food: As we have a contracted caterer onsite, no outside food is allowed during their posted hours. ● Bar: is open during all evening leagues, and can be made available for special events during the daytime. The club is available for rent for business luncheons or casual and formal evening. See the Club Manager for details.
  • Gratuities: are appreciated by the service staff and we thank-you for your consideration.

 Locker Rooms & Washrooms:

  • Locker rooms: Both locker rooms are situated at the end of sheet 6/7. Lockers are offered to returning members, however, empty lockers will be made available November 1st. If you are interested in renting a locker for the season, please indicate on your registration form and the empty lockers will be allocated on a first come, first serve basis. You must provide your own lock
  • Washrooms: are available on both floors. Wheelchair accessible washrooms are only available on the main floor.

Member Communication:

  • Member Contact: will be by an occasional mass email as circumstances warrant. We want to keep you informed. Please ensure we have a current email address for you.
  • Members’ Directory: is password protected as it contains the contact information for all members. It is very useful for obtaining spares and can be found under the ‘login’ tab on the Home Page.
  • The VCC website: is maintained and updated often by volunteers. Please reference it often as it contains league schedules; information about the VCC; updates on VCC events; a complete season calendar; and spare lists.

 Member Services:

  • Shoe rental: is available on a PER GAME basis by the honour system for $2. There is a coin box located just past the concession, where the shoes are kept. It is meant for occasional rentals. Members are expected to purchase their own equipment.
  • Brooms: are available in the cubby beside sheet 1. Please ensure you clean the broom with the brushes provided at the home end, before returning it to the cubby.
  • Pro Shop: is a full service curling equipment shop located alongside the office. It is open to members and the public. Items include shoes, brushes, brooms, equipment, and clothing.
  • Nametags: are available for a fee early in the season. Please inquire with the Office.


  • Parking: on-site is first come first served basis. On evenings when there are events at the Recreation Centre and/or the Performing Arts Centre, it can be limited. We do not own the lot.


  • Ice and lounge rentals: are available, for a reduced fee, to members for business or social functions.

Social Events:

The VCC hosts a number of events throughout the season. These include:

► Merk’s Christmas drop-in, the last Friday prior to Christmas

► a fun Two on Two bonspiel over the Christmas holidays

►an end of the year, open/mixed, fun bonspiel

►a start of the season AGM and Championship Presentations

►in addition, individual leagues hold their own end of the seasonand/or Christmas functions

►in September, an annual golf tournament followed by a banquet

►plus other ad hoc social functions (watch the website & email for details)

 Staff & Member Partnership:

  • The Staff: at the VCC are all seasonal except for a full-time Club Manager. The Club Manager is available to help make your VCC experience better. The seasonal staff includes ice technicians, food and beverage servers; and office staff.
  • Volunteering: The VCC has many activities plus committees for which we require help. Your commitment of time is greatly appreciated. Please talk to the Club Manager to learn about opportunities.